Google Sheets Plugin

How to install

To install the plugin, the first step is to access the Template and click on "USE TEMPLATE".

Then click on the 'ADD TO SHEETS' button and a series of popups will appear.

Finally accept all the screens that ask for permissions. And once this is done, the plugin will be available in the "Extensions" section of Google Sheets.



Working in a team, you can share models, reports and datasets. NextBrain allows you to have everything organiced in differents workspaces, that you can share with other team member

Upload Local file


You can upload the following file formats:

  1. TXT, CSV, ZIP
  2. SAV (SPSS)
  4. ODF, ODS, ODT

 Stored data


This functionality alows you to create models from previous files already uploaded.

API Connection


This functionality allows you to connect with other services, in different formats:

  1. XML
  2. CSV
  3. JSON
This way, you can import data from different sources like:
Dataslayer, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Twitter, etc

Database Connection


You can also connect to the following databases:

  1. MySQL
  2. Maria DB
  3. Postgres SQL
  4. Server SQL
  5. DB2



In NextBrain can create advanced machine learning models within seconds with high accuracy.

It also gives you easily interpretable insights. This allows to make decisions that impact in your business.

No advanced mathematical / statistical knoledge needed.

Online Prediction


You can test unseen data in the already trained model by using our interface, and get a response within seconds.



Once your model has been trained, the system automatically creates reports based on your industry and lets you add custom widgets.

Therefore you can interpret your own data / business problem.

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We are on a mission to make NextBrain a space where humans work together with the most advanced algorithms to deliver superior game changing insight from data. We love No-code Machine Learning


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