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1. End-to end solution


NextBrain offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that goes beyond being just a tool.

From data import, cleaning, and transformation to analysis, training, visualization, prediction, and sharing, NextBrain provides a seamless and integrated platform for all your needs.

2. Identify key business questions


Simplify your decision-making process by uploading your data and letting NextBrain pinpoint the critical business questions that can be addressed. With NextBrain’s intuitive platform, effortlessly identify the most pressing issues and opportunities, streamlining your path to success.

3. Conversational interaction with data


Engage in conversational interaction with your data using NextBrain. Say goodbye to complex formulas and hello to intuitive insights – simply ask your questions and receive responses, anytime and anywhere, even from your smartphone. Streamline your data analysis process with NextBrain’s seamless natural language interface.

4. Seamless Collaboration and Integration


Enhance teamwork and efficiency by utilizing NextBrain’s collaboration and integration features. Share progress updates, models, chatbot conversations, and dashboards effortlessly with your team. With NextBrain, collaboration becomes streamlined, ensuring everyone is on the same page and maximizing productivity.

5. Intuitive user interface


NextBrain’s intuitive interface bridges the gap between data scientists and analysts, enabling seamless evaluation of business strategies.


Data preparation and Importation

  1. Data Cleanup System: Automated and on-demand.
  2. Import Data from SQL Databases, APIs, CSV, Excel, SPSS, Google Sheets, Mongo, Dataslayer AI: Supports diverse data sources.
  3. Advanced Import from Multiple Sources Simultaneously: Streamlines complex data integration.
  4. Schedule Dataset Updates: Automates re-execution of queries from databases for up-to-date information.

Model Development and Analytics

  1. Classification Models: For categorizing data into predefined classes.
  2. Regression Models: For predicting continuous outcomes.
  3. Time Series Forecasting with Bayesian Modeling: Advanced forecasting technique.
  4. Multivariable Forecasting: Utilizes ARIMA, SARIMA, and Bayesian methods.
  5. Clustering: For grouping data points with similar characteristics.
  6. Anomaly Detection for Time Series: Identifies outliers in temporal data.
  7. Counterfactual Analysis: Explores outcomes under different scenarios.
  8. Synthetic Data Generation: Creates artificial data for modeling and testing.

Deployment and Accessibility

  1. Interactive Dashboard: For real-time data visualization and interaction.
  2. Prediction Deployment on Your Web App or Iframe: Enhances web applications with predictive capabilities.
  3. Configured Jupyter Notebook with Your Model Prediction: Ready-to-use analytical environment.
  4. Option to Deploy on Your Own Server with Docker or Autoscale with Kubernetes: Flexible deployment solutions.
  5. Open Source Code to Automate Training and Prediction: Facilitates reproducibility and customization.

Integration and Extensions

  1. Multi-Agent Based Chat with Code Execution and Ethernet Capabilities: Customizable with various Large Language Models (OpenAI, Azure, Google Gemini, Mistral, LLaMa, Open Orca, etc.).
  2. High-Speed Processing: Ensures efficient data handling and computation.

Privacy and Security

  1. Emphasis on Data Privacy: Guarantees privacy by not sharing data with third-party models, ensuring 100% privacy with local models like Mistral or LLaMa.
  2. SOC2 Certificate: In progress
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