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What if you could make better business decisions with the help of cutting edge machine learning directly in your spreadsheets?

No need to learn Python code or advanced maths, or deal with complex data science issues, our tool will do all of this for you in 3 easy steps

All you need to get started is to install our free tool for Google Sheets and get familiar with our easy 3 step process. This process is easy to follow and takes you through the exact same process that a data scientist would do

Our mission

We are on a mission to make NextBrain a space where humans work together with the most advanced algorithms to deliver superior game changing insight from data.

With the vast world of data that a business creates, it is time consuming and ultimately inferior for a data analyst to manually collate, clean, analyze and model this data for insight.

NextBrain makes this task quick, easy and highly accurate.

Our mission is to bring data science to every business. In the first instance, we want to remove the need for coding to access machine learning. Our launch product brings machine learning directly into spreadsheets…try it now and upgrade your decision making...

Our product

We want data science to be available to everyone. We remove the need for coding expertise by bringing machine learning directly into spreadsheets.

We have worked with academics and engineers to ensure that our software provides the highest grade of machine learning accuracy to your spreadsheet.

NextBrain is a clear, simple and powerful data-centric auto-machine learning tool where data is transformed into game changing decision making. It can be used to upgrade your decision making:

  •   Forecasting
  •   Classification Problems
  •   Regression
  •   Explainability
  •   What-If-Tool

Get a competitive advantage - get NextBrain

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About us

Founded in 2006, Softpoint has developed over 100 software tools for clients including GSK, Atomic212, AMC Networks, Bilendi, Pharmamar, etc.

Through this 20 years experience we meet and discuss many business problems with all sizes of businesses. The common issue we see is the lack of informed decision making where data is central to a non biased business direction. The 2 barriers to this problem are data collection and expert resources

We invented NextBrain to enable all sizes of business with the power of machine learning for decision making.
We have reduced the barriers by automating data collection through a previous software www.dataslayer.ai and integrating the data science process into the software as an easy to follow 3 step process.

Our team is super enthusiastic about machine learning, we see a huge amount of potential for machine learning to unlock business opportunities. We have experts in house and also consultants reviewing, testing and advising.

We hope you like the tool and offer it free of charge in our beta phase

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