Tackling the Shadow AI Challenge: Keeping Your Business Safe

As businesses rush to adopt Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), a sneaky challenge is popping up: shadow AI. This term might sound cool, but it’s actually a big headache for companies trying to stay in control of their tech.

Shadow AI is all about the AI tools and apps that spread through a company without anyone keeping a close eye on them. It’s like having a bunch of secret agents in your system, and you don’t even know what they’re up to!

Let’s dive into why shadow AI is a big deal, the risks it brings, and how you can fight back to keep your business safe and smart.

What’s the Big Deal with Shadow AI?

Shadow AI sneaks into places it shouldn’t be, often without following the rules set by the company or the law. This includes all sorts of AI projects, from guessing what might happen next in your business to using big brain AI models without permission. It’s tricky because it can make things messy and unsafe without anyone noticing.

Why Worry About Shadow AI?

Experts from big-name firms like Forrester and Gartner are sounding the alarm bells. They say that by 2024, businesses will be up to their necks in shadow AI problems, trying to juggle privacy, security, and keeping everything under control. Gartner even says keeping AI safe and under control should be job number one.

The Risks of Letting Shadow AI Run Wild

When AI goes rogue, it can clash with your existing tech, making things complicated and inefficient. Not having a standard set of AI tools can make these problems even worse. Plus, if you can’t explain how your AI makes decisions, you’re in for a transparency headache. And don’t forget about the danger of AI going off-script and spilling secrets or being unfair.


Fighting Back: How to Keep Shadow AI in Check

The good news is there are ways to keep shadow AI from causing chaos. For starters, companies need clear rules and checks to make sure AI is used right and for good reasons. Some smart companies are already on it, developing tools to help keep AI in line and making sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

Shadow AI might sound like something out of a spy movie, but it’s a real challenge for today’s businesses.

In our journey at Next Brain, we’ve mastered the art of mitigating risks associated with AI implementation. Discover firsthand how our tool can provide invaluable insights for your business by booking a demo with us today.

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