Meta Launches Generative AI Features for Advertisers

Meta has recently introduced groundbreaking generative AI features in Ads Manager, designed to streamline the creation of text and images for advertisements on its social media platforms.

These advancements aim to significantly reduce the time required for creative production in large-scale advertising campaigns. 

These new tools will be introduced progressively, with a goal to make them globally available by year-end. 

GenAI-Powered Text and Image Generation

Image Generation Capabilities

The Advantage+ creative suite in Ads Manager now includes tools that generate variations of existing images. These tools allow marketers to alter backgrounds, adjust image dimensions for various formats, and expand images to fit different placements, such as Instagram Reels and Facebook Feed.

Efficiency and Customization

By automating image variations, production time is greatly reduced, enabling marketers to target different audience segments more effectively. Advertisers can also customize text overlays for each version of their creative content.

Future Developments in Text and Image Creation

In the near future, Meta plans to introduce features that allow users to generate images from text prompts.

The current tools offer variations on ad headlines and body text, with upcoming features focusing on creating text that matches specific brand voices and tones. These features, developed with Meta Llama 3, the latest large language model (LLM), will also suggest key selling points to enhance ad messaging.


Meta’s introduction of genAI tools in its advertising suite represents a major leap forward in digital marketing. By automating and enhancing the creation of ad content, these tools will empower marketers to deliver more targeted and effective campaigns, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.

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