Oportunidades de inversión

This dataset was generated randomly by the NextBrain team. To generate it they follow the rule that the company is a good investment opportunity if the industry is either Banking or Software, and if the annual revenue is greater than 1 million.

The dataset is designed to test and develop a model that can accurately predict whether a company is a good investment opportunity based on its age, industry, annual revenue, and number of employees.

The main objective is to create a machine learning model that can detect the underlying rule that governs the dataset and accurately predict the target variable.

This dataset contents the following columns:

  • Company age: Age of the company in years
  • Industry: Accounting, Agriculture, Automotive, Banking, Defense or Software
  • Annual Revenue: Annual revenue of the company in $
  • Employees: Number of employees of the company
  • Invest: Success or not in previous investments
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