NextBrain is committed to the security of the data you process with us. To that end, we have built our systems from the ground up based on best practices in security and data protection.

Information security

  1. When you upload datasets to NextBrain, they are stored in an encrypted manner. Only those whom you explicitly share them with will have access.
  2. All data and statistics associated with a dataset will be completely deleted when you delete the model it is associated with.
  3. All models and datasets associated with a Workspace will be completely deleted when you delete the Workspace itself.
  4. All import settings with automation or scheduling that you perform are 100% encrypted. For example, when saving database credentials from which you want to extract information.
  5. At no time will any access password to your services be sent back to you or to authorized persons. However, you can delete it at any time.
  6. The data we handle in the different processes before displaying it to the user is also encrypted when it travels between the systems of the different technologies we use
  7. All our connections from our different applications use standard cryptographic protocols (TLS)

Infrastructure security

  1. We have daily backups in the event of data loss or system failure beyond our control in the database where we store the NextBrain information (user records, query statistics, etc…)
  2. We use both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for our services, leveraging the robust security frameworks these platforms offer, as both organisations comply with the regulations required by the most important certifications in the world.
  3. NextBrain can be deployed on your own
  4. Para enhanced security, you can choose to deploy our solution in a manner that best suits your needs. This includes installation on your own physical servers or deployment within your preferred cloud environment, such as AWS, GCP, or any other provider. This approach not only offers the flexibility to work within familiar infrastructures but also allows for the application of additional security measures, such as implementing a VPN or completely isolating the system from external network access, to ensure the utmost protection of your data.

Permissions management

  1. All permissions requested to access Google Sheets use the OAuth2 protocol. This protocol consists of the use of temporary tokens (called access tokens) that have the permissions previously accepted by the user.


  1. NextBrain is in the process of obtaining ISO 27007 certification for information security management systems.

If you have any questions, you can consult our Política de Privacidad or our Términos y Condiciones.
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