iQcodex y Nextbrain anuncian una asociación estratégica y lanzan iQprequel

London, New York, Madrid – 29/02/2024

iQcodex and Nextbrain are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that will pave the way for the creation of a groundbreaking entity: This collaboration brings together the innovative prowess and industry expertise of both organizations to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the realm of machine learning and ai.

With iQcodex’s track record of developing advanced workflow and data technologies and Nextbrain’s deep understanding of machine learning, iQprequel is poised to revolutionize digital transformation workflow automation, AI solutions, and predictive modelling. By leveraging synergies and complementary strengths, iQprequel aims to address emerging challenges and unlock new opportunities for businesses worldwide.

“We are excited to join forces with Nextbrain to establish iQprequel,” said Mike Barr, CEO at iQcodex. “This strategic partnership signifies our commitment to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our clients.”

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both iQcodex and Nextbrain, underscoring their shared vision for the future of data and. Together, they will harness their collective expertise to develop transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

“We are thrilled to partner with iQcodex in launching iQprequel,” said Juan de Portugal, CEO at Nextbrain. “This strategic alliance reinforces our dedication to pioneering advancements that propel our industry forward and empower our clients to achieve their goals.”

iQprequel will combine the strengths of iQcodex and Nextbrain to deliver innovative products, services, and solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses globally. Through this partnership, both organizations reaffirm their commitment to driving progress and shaping the future of financial services.

For more information about iQprequel and the strategic partnership between iQcodex and Nextbrain, please visit and

About iQcodex: iQcodex is a leading provider of workflow automation technologies. With a focus on innovation and excellence, iQcodex empowers businesses to navigate complex challenges and achieve their strategic objectives.

About Nextbrain: Nextbrain is a dynamic company specializing in machine learning and AI. Committed to delivering results-driven solutions, Nextbrain collaborates with clients to drive growth and maximize their impact in the digital age.

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