A new era for Marketing Mix Modeling

New advances in AI offer an excellent opportunity to meet the challenges of Marketing Mix Modeling.
With the help of new models that can better reason about uncertain situations and the use of generative algorithms


What contribution does NextBrain bring to MMM?

We can improve existing statistical models with better data, better models and better model evaluation. In addition, NextBrain solution is much faster and easier to use.

Measure the effectiveness of your media spend in driving sales

Model sales outcomes over time to increase your ROAS

Model sales outcomes over time to increase your ROAS

Accurately evaluate different types of models performance under different scenarios

Benefits of Marketing Mix Modelling

Cutting-edge data prepro-cessing using generative AI

New probabilistic models that are faster and more accurate.

Power up models with synthetic data.

A user-friendly and customizable interface.

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We are on a mission to make NextBrain a space where humans work together with the most advanced algorithms to deliver superior game changing insight from data.

With the vast world of data that a business creates, it is time consuming and ultimately inferior for a data analyst to manually collate, clean, analyze and model this data for insight.

NextBrain makes this task quick, easy and highly accurate, using the lastest algorithms for classification, regresion and forecasting


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